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EP 260 Health Insurance in the US Pre to Post ACA

Affordable Care Act or Obamacare

I’ve been purchasing my own health insurance for more than 20 years and also have an HR background – Want to share from my unique perspective some of what you might not realize

As it is with communication about all challenges today it seems that all anyone will do is talk about the negatives from either side in an attempt to “win”, tear the “other side” down.

I actually had an experience where an elected official was holding a virtual town hall.  Topic was health insurance.  I “raised” my hand to share my thoughts.  I’m pretty sure I was vetted out.  A staff member spoke with me before I was able to go live.  They asked my thoughts and then told me they likely would not have time for me to comment.  The town hall lasted for a very long time while constituents shared positive views only about the ACA.

So, here’s my personal, been there, done that perspective. As with all complex programs there are both positive and negative.

I’m not going to share a bunch of legal-eze.  These are my personal thoughts, experiences, and opinions.  I hope it will bring a balanced & realistic perspective.

Used to be able to join the Farm Bureau – or some other organization/group to receive a group rate.  Able to personally purchase a plan with coverage similar to an employer plan.

Group Experience Ratings

Personal Experience Ratings

Pre-Existing Conditions – Insurer of Last Resort 

Young Adult Ryders

Coverages – Childbirth, Mental Health, Substance Use Disorders

Required Coverage – Supposed to be a part of keeping coverage rates down.  Assure that pool of covered included premiums from healthy. Low-users - My opinion-  did more to increase profits 

Deductibles - Negotiated Rates – 

My opinion - Profits – High cost – high deductibles – Departments focused on denying coverage – Required Coverage to make sure the pool was healthy and unhealthy -

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