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Brian DiNapoli Interivew


He was severely bullied as a child and turned to alcohol.  He is now speaking

A Husband, Son, Brother, Godfather, Independent, Public Servant, Toastmaster, Speaker, Coach, Georgia Bulldog, who is passionate about telling his story of overcoming bullies and drinking and want to help you do the same. 

Brian was severely bullied as a child.  He was small and not athletic.  He began to drink and soon was drinking too much.  It was impacting his life.  He stopped drinking at 28.  It took a while to learn how to fit in as a non-drinker.  He had to learn to engage without the buffer.  Learn how to go to a football game and have fun.  Drinking gave him a false sense of confidence and lowered his inhibitions so he could dance and talk with people.  How could he do all that without drinking?


He soon learned that life is great without drinking.  And he is sharing that message with high school and college students.  There is life without it.  And, he shares strategies to help kids overcome bullying.  How can you feel safe at school? 

He wants kids to learn to never let anyone else let you feel small.


Tiger Woods recently won the Masters again after his rough personal challenges with addiction and major health challenges. He was not able to walk.  His story will become an inspiration for years to come.  


A link to Brian’s Book:

The link to the political organization that Brian is involved in with a focus on uniting!

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