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Are you one of those people who avoid change at all cost? Maybe fear stops you in your tracks or your stubbornness gives you pride. Maybe you celebrate your stagnation.

No matter how change avoidant you are I bet you’ve benefitted from change, perhaps without even knowing it. Change is often good!

Let me illustrate:

  • Are you old enough to remember rotary phones? Do you still use one today or have you moved on?
  • Are you listening to this podcast on the go from your phone, perhaps even from your car?
  • Do you take pictures with your phone?
  • Has your television viewing transitioned to full color, high definition?
  • Are you old enough to have rented a VHS Player to watch movies you rented as a paid member? Ever viewed a movie on the go?
  • Have you ever worn Spanx?

See, regardless of how change avoidant you are you have succumbed. And, in many instances, if you stop to think about it, I bet that change has been good. So, change has been thrust upon you through technological advances.

Where do you need to stop making excuses and start embracing change personally? What excuses have you been using?   Are any of them really valid?

The New Year is upon us and it is time to say I Choose Change!

Did you ever see one of those round wooden “Get a Round To it” coins? Fun play on words and so true.

When you get around to it………

How have you been filling in this blank:   I will ___________________ when I get around to it. (exercise, take that class, eat healthy, write that book, travel to that destination)

Pretend like I’m handing you one of those round to it’s right now.

The truth is, you could be doing more of your get around to it items. You could.

There will never be a perfect time.

What is REALLY stopping you?

Does it need to?

Are there at least some small steps you could start making right now?

Here are some questions to ask to get you moving.   Enlist the help of some trusted advisors. An outside perspective often helps.   I did an episode on the 7 Key Characteristics of a Great Trusted Advisor. Go here if you haven’t heard that one yet:

  1. What have I learned the hard way and what has it taught me to do differently?
  2. What’s one thing I can add to my life that will make a positive change this year?
  3. What’s one thing I should stop doing that will make a positive change?
  4. What would I try now if I knew I would not fail?
  5. For my life to be perfect what would I need to change?
  6. What are some small changes I can make now to begin to work towards these changes?
  7. What are the excuses I use costing me?

Click To Apply For A FREE Leadership Breakthrough Session With Kirsten Today!

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