Live and Lead for Impact with Kirsten E. Ross

F it For Impact - Fuel Your Fortitude  #1 In a Series

  • Commit and just don’t quit – Don’t give yourself the out – Table the Decision – don’t waste time pondering
    • Every day I learn new things
    • It will get easier
    • I will find a way
    • I haven’t tried all the possible ways yet
    • Play it like a game - have fun while you try new things – see what you can make happen

Here are the trip ups to avoid to help you fuel your fortitude

  • Know that Perfect Timing is a Myth – Sometimes you have the commitment BUT – you need to commit to action – NOT just committing to commit – Don’t delay action until you feel ready – get in research mode- feel like you have to have it all figured out first - you won’t know everything until you just do it – It’s okay to figure things out as you go – unitl the kids are back in school or the sun begins to shine - WRITING MY FIRST BOOK
  • Instant Gratification is Mostly a Myth
    • Bill Gates said, “Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in 10.
    • Impact takes time – commit to the specific steps you must take daily, weekly, monthly and just keep going.
      • If you have kids you know you had to wait for that first smile – that first little positive reinforcement while you fed, changed, burped, walked…..
      • Blogging, podcasting – anything where you are working to connect with people – can feel like it’s going out into a black hole – invisible – but…often people are watching, noticing….it takes time
      • Most famous people had years of struggle before you knew them. Much of what you see is the end result of years of sacrifice – to US it’s instant fame but that is rarely the reality
    • Your Why – I have my Objectives – WHY I participate in Network Marketing – Not heart centered – more practical – and then my WHY – Objectives also help and can be good when speaking to people – different things to pull from:
      • Solo Preneur 15 years – provides a team of goal oriented people into personal development – hard to find – NM provides that environment
      • Help More People – Coach, Speak, Motivate
      • An additional Stream of Income –

And then the WHY – Heart Centered – More than money – what that money or time freedom can do – MUST include an element of serving others – When speaking with others they need to feel that a part of your purpose is about them – This will also have you speak in a way that gives them freedom to say yes or no – to decide for themselves if it’s right for them.

  • Run Your Own Race – don’t compare -
  • Burn the Boat – Remove other options - earn the auto bonus, get the car
    • Downturn in the economy – single mom and business owner – started also looking for a job – realized – needed full focus on biz – couldn’t get my heart into working for someone else – my time and energy was divided – full force – highest earnings to date that next year
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