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Martha G. Blessing is an author, speaker, body-mind and holistic wellness-expert, as well as a life/career coach. She is a sought after speaker and workshop presenter delivering visionary principles that inspire listeners to open to new possibilities for their lives. Martha devoted 25 years to mainstream medicine as a Registered Nurse in the specialties of Community Health, Hospice Care, and as director of an Alzheimer’s Unit.

After healing herself from cancer, over 10 years of chronic pain, three back surgeries, and living in a wheelchair, Martha knew that her greatest challenges had immersed her in accessing her life's lead others out of dis-ease and into their greatest potential. 

Martha is an RN who had 3 back surgeries and ended up in a wheelchair.  She was told that she’d never walk again.  She was not willing to accept that so she started looking for alternative solutions.  Within 9 months she was out of her wheelchair and off the prescriptions.


Now she teaches empowering strategies to others to help them deal with anxiety, depression, insomnia and more.  Help them get freedom from meds.  


Her biggest challenge was overcoming her negative self-talk. She had to learn to stop being in agreement with her inner critic.  Release feelings of shame and unworthiness.  And she helps others do the same.  


She starts her day in her meditation room.  She finds energy and instantly connects.  That first 30 minutes helps her start with a good tone for the day.

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