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Episode 152


Life Lessons from My Random, Radical Tree 

Recently, I was gazing into my backyard and noticed this large tree that has grown through a decorative garden barrel. And as I looked out at it it brings to mind some life lessons. You see, I remember when that tree was very small. It grew from the seeds of a nearby tree. The first few summers I would think, "I need to pull that out of there. Then as it grew, "I need to get the shears and cut that out of there." The thing is....I never did either. And's this big full grown tree that would require a chain saw to take it down.

My first thought....."Oh my gosh I'm getting old! You have to be to see a tree grow like that!

Then I think...WOW does time fly!

But then the life lesson hits: How often do we intend to use that simple solution to take care of an issue but then put it off too long while the problem becomes bigger?

Yep....that's what I've done. And I guarantee there were other issues I intended to address but didn't. Lesson today....Don't put off what you can simply solve. At some point, time may create an emergency that will require your focus at an inconvenient time.

BUT…..then a second thought hit me and I was grateful for that tree.  You see, I believe that I actually chose well.  My kids got my time when we were in our backyard.  We played in the pool, talked, laughed and enjoyed.  Yes, I didn’t keep up with the gardening back there but man did we make some great memories!


Yes, time does march on. Be intentional about how you use it. Trees grow and so do your kids! 




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