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EP 166 How to Pay to Retain High Performers


Frustration that comes from holding on to a big vision and feeling like if you want something done right – or done at all you just have to do it yourself – have you ever asked yourself – why do I even have a team?  

Many of my clients have been where you are……

In the right place – follow through accountability – 

  • A lot relies on hiring and retaining high performers, 

My name is Kirsten Ross, author, HR Pro and CEO of Focus Forward Coaching where we help leaders who want to make a bigger, bolder impact

I’m going to share…….some compensation basics

Why you want to retain high performers

Pay can be a de-motivator but is not the most powerful motivator

More than one kind of pay

Hourly or annual salary rate – want it to be fair and close to pay external and internal – FAIRNESS big focus

Total Compensation – many don’t communicate it as a total and miss the opportunity to gain the full benefit – get employees thinking about total

These are Extrinsic Rewards

Intrinsic Rewards =- More important



Feel a part

Positive environment – 

People will leave for less money

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