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EP 174 Size DOES Matter – In Hiring

Business growth is GREAT!  It’s what you’ve been working towards.  BUT….with more business comes the need to add team members.  Again, a good challenge to have.  BUT….

Finding and sifting through candidates to get to that perfect hire can feel daunting.  So much can go wrong.  And the stakes are high.  Each new hire is an investment.  There’s the cost of posting and time/money spent on sifting through resumes, interviewing and more. 


Once you hire someone you are immediately investing in them.  There’s the time spent to onboard them and start the training process.  This includes the money you are paying them per hour or in salary and the wages you spend on the time for any current employees involved in training or answering their questions.  And, in the mean time you are losing productivity while 

They work to become fully functioning employees.


And, if you hire wrong you are back at it again.  Lost momentum, lost investment and POSSIBLY……increased drama along the way.  Employees who struggle to fit in, whether it’s a gap in knowledge or a personality that doesn’t fit the culture, DO NOT ALWAYS GO QUIETLY.


Often there is collateral damage of some kind……frustrated team members, customer service issues……


All of this means that the hiring process is even more critical to business success!


Over many years I’ve seen a hiring snafu occur over and over so let me alert you now.


Size Does MATTER!


Leading projects, making things happen, getting work done…………can look very different depending on the size of the organization.


In a very large organization leading a huge project like a software implementation, for instance, can sometimes mean nothing more than getting updates from a team of implementors or a bevy of Directors that report to you.  As the VP you get credit but…..did you REALLY learn HOW to drive that project?  Did you get your hands in the muck of it?


In a smaller organization overseeing a scale project almost always looks very different.  It usually means wearing many hats, getting your hands into the details, prioritizing a wide variety of other important work while adding this huge extra project into your work….IT can mean learning on the fly, working directly with some outsourced pros but generally driving it home by your lonesome.


So…..what does this mean………as you interview make sure you are asking the right questions to learn the ACTUAL role the candidate played in those important projects.  


Someone moving from a small organization to a larger one may have difficulty delegating or can become bored with just oversight.


The flip side….a person moving from a huge organization to your smaller one may not know how to get their hands down in the muck and, while on paper it appears they have top notch knowledge……the actual experience might not be where you need it.  Oversight is way different than getting into the nitty gritty of a project.  A Hands off approach rarely works in a smaller organization.

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