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EP 176 3 Musts for Managing a Friend


There are so many problems that can occur when hiring a close friend.

Have you hired a friend and you are now second guessing the decision? 


Working with friends is not certain to fail but complications can arise.

You don't want your friendship to be destroyed by work. There is more at stake!


Here are some ways I have seen friendships complicate work.


Our new employee isn't working out but he is the son of our best client...


My friend needed a job desperately but he isn't figuring it out or adapting...


We were such good friends when we worked together. I got a promotion and now our relationship has changed...


He treats the core employees way better than the rest of us...


We are in a small town and everyone knows everyone...


We became friends as coworkers. I got a promotion now we’re not...


I managed them and then we became friends…


Here are the three musts! 


  1. commit to separation
  2. Communicate to keeping separation
  3. Keep it seperate


It's not easy but it is a must!


Don’t share info your friend shouldn't know.

Friction occurs when there is perceived or real preferential treatment.

Keep your at work time together at a minimum. 

Keep outside work activity on the downlow - avoid posting pictures/ referencing time together.


Make sure not to give preferential treatment.

Acknowledge the relationship but clarify boundaries.


Assumed preferential treatment can still cause problems. 


Transparency is critical. 


If you are hiring a friend because they really need the work. Call it what it is. Calibrate the expectations accordingly. 


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