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EP 186 3 Keys to Managing Remote Workers


Remote work has been around longer than you might think! Remote work saves office space and provides more flexibility. I worked from home while expecting my first son. I had an extra phone for dial-up. Looking back I was ahead of the game! Regardless, remote work is becoming more frequent. 


If your employees are working from home there might be a huge shift in your approach. Set specific goals and deadlines to ensure productivity.


One particular image I have in mind is that of two mazes. One maze had a direct route to the finish. The other maze took all sorts of twists and turns. Which maze do you prefer?  Appearing busy is less important than achieving goals! Remote work requires more short term goals. Define what progress is! 


Remote work can be isolating. Bake in some extra time for team connection. I recommend some open office hours. Play some games online or have some social hours. 

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