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EP 208 Peace not War – a Poem I wrote in High School

I just ran across my little box of memorabilia from my school years.  Even back then I used to write motivational stories, creative short stories and poems.  At the time I was very concerned about war.  I wrote this poem my Senior Year but it really seems to fit for today’s circumstances so I thought I’d share it now.


Peace Not War

A Poem by Kirsten Ross Vogel

Senior Year in High School
Many years ago : )

Struggling with our problems

Taking things in strife

The way we treat each other

You’d think we didn’t care for life

The time we live is oh so short

Why can’t the people see?

We’re in this world together

We share it equally

Let’s put our pride aside right now

There must be no delay

Why is the phrase, “I wish for peace”

So very hard to say?

Start living for the future and

Forget about the past

Work together to reach our common goal

Mankind has to last!

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