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Ever find it challenging to share project updates in Leadership Team Meetings or feel uncertain about who has decision-making authority during discussions? GOOD NEWS! This is a common cause of friction w/ many of my clients and the solution is simple!  

HERE IT IS: Be clear about objectives and roles before you initiate a conversation.  

Here are 3 common discussion types that really help you clarify your objectives and are simple to share with the team. Adopt them and create titles for each type that fit the culture of your team.

1. I'm sharing this information as an...  

FYI - Clarifying Questions = Yes, Weighing in with Suggestions that Dramatically Shift = No, Sharing means I get to help decide = No 2.  

I'm sharing this to get feedback, insights, suggestions, ideas, perspectives, support in implementation - I Retain Full Decision-Making Authority. All of the Above = Yes, Grabbing Decision Making Authority by weighing in = No 3.  

I'm Sharing this so we can discuss, collaborate and decide as a full team or specified subset - INFORMED ideas, opinions, feedback, suggestions all shared IN the meeting (No Back Hall Commentary/Politicking after the fact) Assure that key decision-makers are present to hear and participate in the full discussion. These simple tweaks have helped many of my clients. I hope they are useful for you! Have clarifying questions around these tips or something to share? Feel free to comment! If I can be of further service, reach out :) 

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