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EP 234 Key Tactics for a Smooth Transition from Manager to Leader

A few quick distinctions for context – 

Manager – I see as direct overseer of tasks and specific outcomes

Task Master – more micro-managy, Sherrif of the organization – 

eyes and ears on actions and outputs

Leader – vision – high level scope

High impact team each cascading the leader’s vision beyond

Increasing circle of influence by casting vision and providing autonomy to a skilled team

Surrounded by people with complementary knowledge, skills and abilities and allowing them to shine

Unifying the vision and focus and creating freedom to decide and act towards the common goal

Transition will always involve casting eyes higher – elevation of focus – wider influence.

Passion - your fuel and be ready to inspire by sharing - Get clear about why you do what you do - 

Autonomy - Create bigger sandboxes - Release Control - Trust - Surround yourself with those you can rely on – great skill and trust them to do their great work

shift Your Focus Up - Eye on the Prize – Hands off the specifics, the processes, the day to day

Avoid these Common Tripups- 

  1. Working with a team you don't trust -  is it you or them?  An important question to answer


Either way - figure it out - You can't increase your circle of influence by just adding team members - If you continue to be involved in every action or decision you will slow progress and action - 

Is your lack of trust your issue?  Work on that - is it them?  Change your team

  1. Sharing information without being clear about your objectives -

  - manager is more high control - team will be used to you making the decisions, solving the problems - you need to teach them to be creative, take initiative, etc.....

Have seen trip ups – My team thinks the conversation/debate is never done – Consequence of a collaborative leadership style w/o communicating who is making final decision and when that is done - 

 - Implement a quick definition structure that clarifies immediately  - Sharing for FYI - Sharing for Collaborative Discussion - Sharing to Decide together

  1. Lacking clarity in Delegation - model it, teach it - 

Using phrases like - When you Get around to it - when you get a chance – 


Also, I’m trying out a new audio app, Wisdom. I invite you to join me there.  You’ll be able to ask questions and interact with me live. 

I’ll be sharing leadership strategies and answering your questions – How awesome!  Bring your specific questions or challenges to gain customized strategies.  

December 10th, 2021, 10:30 AM EST 

The link:

The link will be on today’s show notes as well.

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