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Ep 309 Denise Fawn Schroder

Denise is a top-ranked realtor in Oklahoma and the CEO of Schroder Real Estate Group with her husband, Troy. They have sold 650 homes in just 10 years and their mission and motto is "Serve like you are Chosen." Denise is a coach, speaker, marketing strategist, realtor and author of the new book, “Out of the Box”.

Denise begins by talking about her desires of becoming a real estate agent 20 years ago, but she was told she couldn’t do it by her ex-husband and father of her children. She left that toxic relationship and met a FedEx driver who she fell for. They blended a family of 5 teenagers, quit their jobs to became self-employed and got into the financial service industry, but some advice from a friend turned out to be untrue, so they left that industry and decided to move back to real estate.

Kirsten dives deeper into Denise’s past relationship, with Denise telling us she lost herself, but the new relationship changed her life in so many ways. She talks about the differences she gets between her current relationship and her previous one, and how much healthier she is now.

Kirsten talks about how faith-based people often see themselves as fixers to the detriment. Denise talks about how she didn’t want the unhealed parts of herself to hurt anyone else, so she was able to focus on healing herself. She also talks about how the people around her tried to fix her, but there’s no magic pill or cookie cutter method, you have to put in the work yourself and go on the journey

Denise also discusses her own guilt and shame and feeling like a failure, but found a place where her failures and mistakes gave her more credibility and to be a beacon of hope to others looking to find their way out of their own situations.

Kirsten asks Denise about her big challenge right now, as she explains with her publisher dying 4 days before her book came out, she feels quite overwhelmed with all of the things she has to do on top of her book. Kirsten recommends paring down what goes on her list of things to do, and recommends a 24/7 blend. Kirsten also gives Denise a few tips on mindset and how she can better adapt her thinking to save her from overwhelm.

Denise shares with us about her book, saying how she shares her unique

marketing approaches, using a social media presence that was really different to what everyone else was doing by using things like TV, media, press release, human interest stories and podcast guesting. She also shares her tips on how to make yourself vulnerable on social media.

Denise’s final words of wisdom are that no matter what phase of life we are in, God uses us every day, we’re all missionaries, so seek every opportunity to help others. We all have story, so share it with others because you never know what impact it could make, where she shares a wonderful story where a social media post of hers saved a life.

You can find the book on Amazon called Out of the Box by Denise Schroeder at just $4.99 on kindle so please feel free to leave an honest review. Make sure to check out her website and her social media profiles: Instagram:  FB: , Tik Tok: troyndenise

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