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EP 310 Jeff Marconnette, Jr

On this episode of The Live and Lead with Impact Podcast, Coach Kirsten is joined by Jeff Marcontette Jr. Jeff Marcontette Jr. shares his incredible story of how one life altering moment shaped the man he is today and gave him an opportunity to help others make every second count! Jeff Marcontette Jr. is a transformational speaker, author, coach, youth mentor and host of Make Every Second Count.

Coach Kirsten and Jeff discuss the moment Jeff’s live changed forever when a semi-truck ran a red light and t-boned him, leaving him unconscious and leading to two weeks in a coma whilst many serious injuries including a traumatic brain injury that proceeded to affect his speech and movement. Jeff speaks about how he feels empowered when he gets the opportunity to speak to others and remind them why it's so important to make every second count, as not many people get a second chance at life but he is one of them.

Jeff shares how he began his transformation speaker career two years after his accident and how learned that mindset is the most powerful tool we can use. Coach Kirsten and Jeff talk about how we cannot control the events that occur throughout our lives and to those around us, but what we can control is our reaction towards these events and how we chose to move forward from them.

Coach Kirsten and Jeff work through some money mindset strategies and feelings of guilt that come with charging for your time and knowledge. Coach Kirsten reminds us that we must not de-value ourselves, even when doing what you do out of passion and not a desire for money. Coach Kirsten states that others cannot benefit and take value from sharing our experiences and life lessons if we don’t value then ourselves.

Jeff shares some inspiring words of wisdom for those who want to make an impact in the world and expresses how transformational affirmations have been in his life, but how they only work if you have a consistent routine in which you use them. Coach Kirsten and Jeff encourage you to take the opportunities and make the jump on the things you have been putting off because tomorrow is never guaranteed so you need to make every minute count!

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