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Ep 311 Donna Dahl

Please welcome Donna Dahl. She is an award-winning empowerment coach who has written six books. She was listed as one of the top 20 Empowerment Coaches in the world and her articles appear in print as well as online publications. She is the author of Lesson I Learned from the Tortoise a popular self-empowerment book.

Donna explains what it means to be an empowerment coach and tells us it’s for people who want to make that next step in their lives, whether it’s a career change, a promotion in their job or a new side hustle.

Donna opens up about how she was heavily bullied when she was in school which never allowed her to build any confidence in herself. She talks about how when she’d make a mistake playing piano at a recital, she’d feel awful for days. She also discusses a car accident she was involved in which shifted her entire world and forced her to reinvent herself. It’s these two life events which pushed her into being an empowerment coach.

Kirsten asks about the strategies Donna used to navigate through her personal transformation, as Donna tells us about her completing her master’s degree in educational psychology, where she focused on memory and self-learning. Later she was asked to write an article for a magazine and quickly after was encouraged to write a book, which launched her coaching enterprise.

If you think you might want to engage with Donna, some of the things you may be feeling like your current line of work isn’t a fit for you. You may ask yourself if you’re in the right field but looking for a new place to work which would fit better or perhaps you’re considering a whole new field.

Kirsten asks about a current challenge Donna is facing, and she tells us she is struggling to find leaders withing corporations which are in need of support. Kirsten recommends connecting to the people who work with leaders and recommends networking and connecting generally. She recommends not falling into the trap of quantity over quality and to go with authentic curiosity.

Donna finishes with her words of wisdom, where she recommends to take life as marathon, and spice it up with sprints.

You can find Donna’s book on Amazon which is called Lessons I Learned From The Tortoise and reach out to Donna and connect with her on her website

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