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EP 312 Leslie Kuster


On this episode of The Live and Lead with Impact Podcast, Coach Kirsten is joined by guest, Leslie Kuster! Leslie Kuster is a successful entrepreneur whose goal is to guide women over 50 to find freedom and financial stability and fall in love with life again. Coach Kirsten and Leslie speak about how it’s never too late to create success, financial wealth and create a life of freedom.

Leslie gives us an insight into the seven master keys women need to unlock a successful, money-making businesses through the likes of principles, tools and steps that Leslie trialled and tested for over 20 years. Coach Kirsten and Leslie discuss how mindset is one of the key differentiators between entrepreneurs and successful entrepreneurs. Leslie speaks about how you have to start from the inside out by getting aligned with what authentic success means to you and figuring out what your attitude and relationship with money really looks like in order to build a 6+ figure business. Coach Kirsten and Leslie talk through the challenges Leslie faced regarding money, what she wanted and what she yearned for.

Coach Kirsten and Leslie also speak about a less commonly discussed topic when it comes to financial freedom and building a successful business: What does success do to your life? Leslie speaks about having imposter syndrome and fear of failure but also shares how she more so struggled with the worries of how becoming successful will change her life, affect her relationships and dealing with the change.

Coach Kirsten and Leslie speak about Leslie’s currently big challenge of learning how to delegate and chose the right people for your team. Leslie shares how she has been struggling to build great teams to help her run her women’s clothing brand, Back from Bali, so that she can focus on her new consulting business without Back from Bali having to suffer through the loss of her attention. 

Leslie reminds us with her words of wisdom to those looking to start a successful business that success will look different for everyone based on what each individual wants and yearns for. Leslie states that you matter, you can and if you really want it then that’s you’re spirit talking to you and you have to listen as it’s not something everyone experiences!

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