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EP 222  Family Business – Motivation to Move You Into those Difficult Discussions 

Too often we avoid the tough conversations.  Our Lizard Brain gives us these reasons and exuses that feel like facts…….in working with family businesses for about 25 years I can tell – rarely are these facts.  Here’s a few of the most common “Reasons” I hear……. 

Reasons & Excuses that Feel Like Facts 

  • We’re Fine 
  • We’re too Busy 
  • We Love One Another 
  • I don’t Know What I Want 
  • It Will Never Happen Anyway 
  • We’ll Do Future Planning Soon 
  • I Don’t Want Them to Be Mad at Me 
  • No Need to Rock the Boat-All Will Be Fine 
  • We all Get Along Well – We’ll Work it Out Soon 



Recently had a family business leader – Next Gen tell me “We’re Getting Along “ 


Which got me thinking……- But at What Cost? 


  • Assuming Rather than Asking 
  • Frustrations Not Addressed 
  • Ideas & Innovations Not Heard 
  • Personal Goals Not Shared 
  • Decisions Made w/o Input 
  • Boundaries Created  
  • Not Communicated  
  • Not Kept  Disability 
  • Divorce
  • Death 
  • Distress  
  • Disagreement The 5 D’s That Can Drive Business Direction if You Don’t 

And, if you think it feels uncomfortable having these conversations at the time of your choosing – Imagine what it’s like having them in the middle of  




I, unfortunately, have seen it happen many times.   

6 Siblings 

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