Live and Lead for Impact with Kirsten E. Ross

Fix Your Focus

  • In every moment opportunity to choose what you focus on – Hit will millions of pieces of data through all of our senses –
    • Notice your butt in your chair – weren’t paying attention – now you are
    • How do your feet feel in your shoes or in your socks?
  • We tell our brains what to focus on – what to leave at the ready for quick access – EVER forget to tell yourself to remember where you parked your car? It’s in there – you just didn’t file it close
  • Walking in the forest – can focus on the dirt and the soggy now rotting fallen leaves from last year - or look up to see the sun glinting through vibrant green leaves. – It’s a moment in time and we have each of those perspectives available to us. – Same is true for all moments of our lives -
  • Tony Robbins – Race Car – look at the wall – hit the wall
  • Focus on solutions not problems
  • Focus on what energizes you not what tears you down
  • Make challenges small and quick in your mind – don’t dwell on them
  • Look for what is in your control and focus there – capture your creativity – focus on the problem = zaps energy and you lose the opportunity to problem solve.

Sons young – No structure – no bedtime – didn’t focus on what was out of my control – the frustration – the mama bear wanting to come out – instead focused on a solution -