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Kathryn Brett Goldman Interview

Episode 143

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Kate is the CEO and founder of Cybermaniacs, an innovative new cyber awareness company. With over 20 years in the IT trenches, Kate brings a unique perspective from all sides of the IT/Business/Vendor equation. She has worked as the Director of a successful IT leadership consultancy, run global BRM for a major civil engineering firm, did a stint with Gartner and worked in a variety of trailblazing technology companies in the noughties. She is also a NED and Advisor to startups in the UK and US, acts as the Director of Development for the Ladies of London Hacking Society, and speaks internationally on leadership, cyber security, and technology change topics.

Her goal is to make what can be a scary topic lighter, or maybe even a bit humorous.

Cybersecurity poses a threat to all of us.  Smaller companies have been popular targets.  Often they have not done enough to guard against attacks and the cyber criminals know it.

She offers training services to companies to provide information in a humorous way that she hopes will inspire people to interact with their technology in a new way.

As an impact-maker, her biggest challenge has been juggling the duties of being a mom to 3 young kids while bootstrapping her start up.

To stay motivated through tough times she builds a well of positive stories.  She celebrates both large and small victories.

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