Live and Lead for Impact with Kirsten E. Ross

Jeremy Roadruck had some struggles early on in life.

  • He STOPPED smoking when he was 9!
  • Was kicked out of the gifted reading and math programs for challenging the rules.
  • His parents gave him unconditional love but they missed signs that he was struggling with himself.
  • He dropped out of college to work in a sandpaper factory,

But, at age 20 things began to turn around.   

  • He started martial arts
  • Earned his black belt in Kung Fu,
  • Became a multi-time US National Kung Fu Champion,
  • Became an International Kung Fu Champion,
  • Started his own martial arts school,
  • Wrote a best-selling book on parenting (while single, not dating, with no kids) that features a money back guarantee,
  • Finally got married at 38,
  • And became a father at 39.

He loves to light up others, to take the complex and cumbersome and make it simple, use the polysyllabic words, and help parents and kids find some more playfulness in their own lives.

His mission is to light up the world with game, set and match

A few notes from our interview:

He recommends the Tony Robbins program “Date with Destiny”

He shared about the 3 key false fears that can drive us for life:

  • I’m not Enough
  • I won’t Be Loved
  • If I don’t Get Love I’ll Die

Jeremy offers a process that will help eliminate Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt and Guilt.

5 Keys to Making YOUR Impact:

  1. Get Very Clear about your Impact and Don’t apologize for it.
  2. Get VERY Clear about your Why – Recommends reading the book “Man’s Search for Meaning” by Viktor Frankl, published in 1946.
  3. Your “why” will give you the motivation
  4. Remind yourself daily WHY you do what you do – take at least 5 minutes.
  5. Have a peer group that you can share successes with and who will motivate you. Jeremy and his wife have a shared secret FaceBook page where they each post a short video.  In it they answer the question, What was Your Magic Moment?”  So, what did you love about your day?

Visit his website:

Click here to schedule a free consultation with Jeremy – Just add that you heard him on the Live and Lead for Impact podcast in the message for your free consultation with him

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