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Freddy Fri

Freddy Fri is a life champion, entrepreneur, speaker, voice over talent, basketball coach, international underground hip hop artist and motivational lyricist/speaker. Freddy is a man that wears many hats that all fit under one umbrella - LIFE TRANSFORMER! Freddy is a master at transforming, reinventing and changing not only his persona, but the lives of others. He is known by many in numerous countries throughout the world as Playya 1000, hip hop artist extraordinaire, but he made a decision to reinvent himself and combine the power of speech, story, spoken word and hip hop to become the empowering life transformer Freddy Fri your PushaMan, whose mission is to help the masses make everyday a WINSday.

The reason he calls himself a life champion and is so passionate about making every day a WINSday is because, inspite of his mother passing away when he was four years old, growing up in a home with a mentally abusive, drug addicted step mom, being bullied in school, selling drugs as a young adult, raising four children as a single dad and not obtaining a bachelors degree until forty three. He found a way to persevere through the adversity and WIN, not only financially, but mentally as well. He delivers stories from his own personal experiences in several unique ways to captivate, empower and inspire people of all ages.


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