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EP 178 Strategies for hiring high performers


I hold this topic near and dear to heart 


Retaining and hiring is key to scaling 

They will give you results


To be a high performer you need aptitude and attitude. A person with knowledge and a bad attitude will not work.


They know the organization 

They have unique knowledge

I cant find anyone better. What if i hire someone worse 

I dont know what all they do

They have all the passwords 


Document phone numbers addresses and info. Don't let a negative employee hold info hostage.


I’m going to cover a few stories in this episode.


The first occurred at a chiropractic office. The front desk worker had a negative attitude and would scare off customers and coworkers. She refused to let people walk behind her to access files. Plus, she was not that good at her job.


The second was an office manager that other employees and customers loved. She was pleasant and kind but likely stealing. Her boss was racked with guilt.He felt stuck with this employee


Next, there was a non- profit program manager who kept all the passwords. He had a negative attitude and constantly missed deadlines. No one wanted to get rid of him because they didn't want to lose the passwords.


If you have to accommodate negative attitudes and poor performance your high performers will be forced to pick up the slack. 


What are the advantages of high performers 


1 less training required. They come in with great skills

2 they use discretionary effort. They dont need to be told what to do. They do it.

3 higher productivity

4 creative problem solvers. 

5 accountable

6 They care. They will improve your relationships with patients and customers.


What are some of the difficulties associated with high performers?


You need to create a strong culture that gives them the tools to succeed. If you are accommodating poor performance your high performers will feel frustrated. 


When it comes to the hiring process leaders don’t always know what they are looking for.


I break the hiring process down into three steps.





Seal the deal



Post a job or search.

Put some extra steps in order to be considered. Have them answer some questions and or do a cover letter. It is so easy to apply for a job. Sift out people who are just applying for everything regardless of the field. 

Select people who have the right skills and experience.

Ask why this position. Have them walk backwards through their resume. Find out why they left. Personality is not negotiable. Their behaviors will create the culture and experience. Know what kind of environment you want to create. 


The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. If you require great customer service skills ask them to share a story of their skill in the past. 

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