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291 Fredrik van Huynh

Freddie van Huynh is a Swedish-Cambodian award winning entrepreneur, selected as one of the Top 25 Swedish Entrepreneurs Disrupting Industries and Breaking Boundaries Around the World, dad, martial artist - Co-Founder of Absolute Internship - one of the world's largest internship programs for high school- and university students, as well as Host of the Fika with Rice Podcast.


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Daniel Matalon, is producing a business model for The World Game, named by the design scientist Buckminster Fuller, as an objective to make the world work for 100% of humanity. Mr Matalon says it is a game that makes war obsolete as well. He is a co founder of Impact Launchpad, a social impact venture studio, and the founder of the #IsThereEnough campaign, a new conversation about wealth, survival and sustainability that he claims even a 5 year old can have. His upcoming book to be released at the end of the year, suggests that we have an even greater threat to humanity than climate change, and we are about to hear what he thinks that is...,,,,


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As a best-selling author, Rich Dad Advisor and one-of-a kind teacher, his unique messages and unconventional style have supported business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders worldwide.  His focus is to help them increase sales, build champion level teams and make huge differences in their industries. 

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Team Code of Honor 

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Buckminster Fuller

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285 Paul Glover

Paul Glover is a C-Suite Performance Coach with 20 years experience as a Federal Court Trial Lawyer. He is a passionate storyteller who believes in the power of narrative to influence and educate in business, personal life and even court rooms. Member of Forbes Council and Author of “WorkQuake”, a playbook for leaders who want to navigate the future of work beyond traditional command and control models to more inclusive, engaging environments.


His approach is practical, hands-on, grounded in the realities of the real world of work and results oriented – all undertaken with a sense of humour and panache.

His workshops allows every member of the organization, from C -Suite Executives to Front Line Team Members, to understand the importance of resilience and how they can enhance their own resilience and positively impact performance and productivity throughout the organization.

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