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On today’s episode of The Live and Lead for Impact Podcast, Coach Kirsten is joined by Angela Gentile to discuss a multitude of insightful topics such as discovering the power in slowing down, changing the way we approach fitness and habits we can insert in our lives to help avoid burnout among many more!

Angela Gentile is the founder of the Sweat Remix wellness brand. Angela designed this brand with the intention of motivating you to start and sustain physical exercise, guide you towards greater self-awareness. Angela also provides keeping it real life coaching. With a variety of online fitness classes and her signature #ZenRageHeal process, she and Sweat Remix provide folks with an intentional approach to fitness with sustainable results. Her Inner Compass course helps clients with a full mind, body and spirit transformation to help folks be the badass they were meant to be in just 12 weeks. With an undergraduate degree in English from Fairfield University and a graduate degree in Educational Leadership from Western Governors University, she traded in her decade long teaching career to launch a business helping folks change their body, mindset and life through movement, meditation and mental health coaching. If you’ve been stuck and feel ready to move and grow, this trailblazer creates opportunities for folks to live strong, authentic and EPIC lives.

Kirsten and Angela discuss how her classes provide an open and honest space for people to be 100% who they are by beginning and ending each session with grounding exercises. Angela encourages us to view our lives as seasons instead of trying to be super successful in our everyday lives and gives us some advice on how we can stop putting so much pressure and expectations on our daily lives, to help avoid burnout. Kirsten also coaches Angela through imposter syndrome and people pleasing so that she can fully focus on being 100% who she is and spread her message to help others. Kirsten and Angela end the episode by sharing some fantastic advice on how you can commit to what your purpose is calling you to do by surrounding yourself with people who support and understand your vision.

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