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Ep 305 Whitney Coupland


On today’s episode of The Live and Lead for Impact Podcast, Coach Kirsten is joined by Whitney Coupland. Whitney Coupland is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner and Life Coach.  In her online coaching practice, she helps people with autoimmune diseases navigate the diet, lifestyle, and mindset aspects of healing so they can start feeling like themselves again.


Whitney goes into detail about how she got into the practice, starting all the way back when she was 12 years old when she went for a polar dip and realised her arms and hands were numb, which she found out was Raynaud’s Syndrome, and autoimmune condition. She also found when she was pregnant at 29 she had a second autoimmune disease called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. She explains her work in the world is to help people like her, and Kirsten relates with her son having PAONS.


Whitney works one-on-one with her clients right now, mostly with people from the US and Canada, but also expanding to some in Europe. She explains she helps people find joyful ways of eating which will help them heal their bodies. She also talks about how she sets herself apart from others by focusing on what her clients want to do and what they enjoy and working around that, as well as continuing with social media using a few techniques to keep up engagement.


Kirsten asks Whitney what is something which is standing in the way of her making a bigger, bolder impact. Whitney explains her current challenge is messaging and how she feels like she is missing a large portion of people who don’t realise their condition is autoimmune. Kirsten suggests targeting some particular symptoms of autoimmune rather than using that phrase to make people realise that’s what they have and get their attention with what their life could be like with autoimmune treatment


Finally, Whitney finishes off with her words of advice, which are realising it’s not about her. She explains how it’s more important to get the message out there and help people rather than how she looks or comes across.


To learn more about Whitney you can visit her website at, head over to Instagram, and check out her YouTube channel


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