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Ep 308 Drs. Michael and Barbara Grossman

For over twenty-five years, Drs. Michael and Barbara Grossman have taught thousands of couples practical skills to create a fulfilling romantic partnership. They have TV appearances on CBS, NBC, Fox, and CW. Tune in to this powerful interview to discover the secrets to having a fulfilling long-term romantic partnership with a genuine love that lasts forever through all the phases of life.

Michael starts by explaining to us he is an anti-aging longevity doctor, who has been practicing since around 1973, and he absolutely loves it. Barbara adds they work with families who are married who are experiencing challenges keeping it all together and keeping their romance alive, while balancing work.

Given Kirsten’s husband is 16 years younger than her, she is very interested in Michael’s longevity work! Michael talks about the dramatic effects menopause has on the woman’s body and how it can lower libido. Michael says he uses natural hormones which are bioidentical to help you live a healthier longer life, rather than synthetics, which can do the opposite.

Barbara goes into some detail about their workshops and some of the strategies they give to couples. Barbara talks about what couples need to feel valued in a relationship, and says she teaches couples how to talk and how to reinforce and create love.

Kirsten asks about what brought them together to do this work. Michael says the inspiration from the natural change which comes in a romantic relationship. He talks about how their relationship changed when Barbara went to graduate school and how they needed to pivot. Barbara also shares her perspective on that change and talks about how they decided to share their knowledge with others.

Kirsten asks them about challenges they have in their business and Michael shares that their main problem is they have so much content out and coming out very soon, they don’t know how to market it all or get out and do the events. Kirsten suggests finding the right people you can trust to be around and help make the key decisions. Kirsten also suggests a bunch more solutions such as looking towards people who are willing to put in the work and understanding the importance of it, as well as business owners who may be susceptible to life balance issues.

Finally, the guys share their words of wisdom, with Barbara sharing with us that no matter how you feel, there is a way to grow your relationship and have it be magnificent. Michael adds you need skills to make these things happen and most don’t learn them from their parents, so you need to go out a learn them for yourself.

Barbara shares with us that herself and Michael are competitive ballroom dancers and have a dance show where they incorporate the stages of development of a relationship into their routines.

You can check out Barbara and Michael’s new book called ageless Love: Prescription from Mind, body and Spirit, or their previous book, Secrets to Deep and Effortless Meditation which you can find at It’s also where you can all the information on their courses and classes if you’re interested.

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