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EP 238 How are Your Personal Stories Shaping Your Future?

Poker Face – You might think you have one.  But, do you?

A few years ago we did a super fun family photo shoot! We laughed, created memories and captured wonderful pictures that still hang on our walls.  

A portion of the photos were done in an area of a park where you can feed wild birds.

While my husband and boys looked like Disney Princes as they calmly gazed upon the birds eating from their hands, we discovered quickly that I was not capable of this response.  The wonder and awe I felt as these birds landed on my hand showed on my face EVERY time.  It was spontaneous, authentic and unavoidable for me. And it led to LOTS of laughter!

It gets me thinking about non-verbal communication. I CLEARLY am not capable of a good Poker Face.  Some are much better at times but…the reality is, even with practice, our facial expressions, body positioning, voice tone and tempo give away more than we realize.  

The reality is that our non-verbal communication constitutes more than 90% of our message!  That’s why, contrary to how some coach or train, my communication coaching begins with a shift in story and mindset rather than just words.  

The happenings in our mind transmit whether we want them to or not.  I can tell someone what to say but that just isn’t enough.  Practicing strategies to help you master 

  • your thoughts 
  • and the stories you tell yourself about your experiences and your relationships, 
  • the words you use in your mind

These all play a powerful part of our communication and ultimately your relationships.  

So, notice first the message you are giving yourself within your mind.  Think about how these words and thoughts will shape your emotions and actions.  This shapes your response to life and those around you and how you craft the words you’ll use.

Are the words and stories that happen in your mind serving you, helping you feel empowered or are you constantly a victim, angry, defensive and feeling powerless to impact life circumstances?

I’ve helped many reshape thoughts about their lives and this has been the powerful beginning of reshaping their futures.  Need additional help with this?  Reach out! I’m here to help.

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