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EP 170 Are You Fixing it for Now Or Fixing it For Good?

Client – in conference room.  Light kept going off.  Motion sensor. Several times during the hour he needed to stand up move away from the table and wave his arms to get it to go back on


The Simple Fix For Now……


How often are you doing this in your work?  Dealing with the reoccurring issue and jumping to the quickest response vs. stepping back to Fix it for Good.


It seems minor – just stand up and wave your arms.  But over the course of weeks, months, years……how much time might this business waste on pausing a meeting, getting sidetracked during an important conversation – possibly losing a train of important thought – relaunching a great discussion


How many people have uttered the words “Now, where were we?” in that room.


When the simple FOR GOOD FIX is likely to either re-direct the motion sensor, shift the timing of it OR, move the table.


The most obvious fix is not necessarily the best.  


And we can accommodate small interruptions over and over without acknowledging how the minutes can add up.


Where are you re-creating the simple fix for now where you should be looking for the longer term Fix it for Good?

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