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Do you have a tough time starting correction conversations?


According to what I hear – it’s most, if not all of you.

Over years I’ve listened as leaders share their frustration about employee performance followed by their excuses….Otherwise known as FEARS, about holding those same employees accountable.


The frustrations I hear.  Do any sound familiar?


Why can’t they just do their jobs?!?

Why do I even have a team?

So many errors! I’m tired of cleaning up customer service issues!

They’re spending most of their day on the internet!

I try to MODEL appropriate work ethic for them – Why don’t they just follow my lead?

I delegate tasks but they never get done. I just have to do things myself!

Is it REALLY that difficult to show up for work on time?

I tried to implement a new piece of equipment to make life easier but no one will use it!


And then the Excuses….that sound like reasons but aren’t…..for why they haven’t had the conversation to correct behavior.


I don’t have time

They just get mad

It never works anyway

A real favorite of mine - I don’t want them to quit

I yelled at everyone 2 weeks ago and it made no difference

I believe in leadership in service – it’s a win-win if every employee can be successful.  

A simple way to communicate this that also happens to be a powerful and simple way to ignite a great employee correction conversation are the 3 words




These 3 simple words can begin a conversation that puts you on the side of their success.  

It communicates – “I want you to be successful.  Let’s work together to figure out what needs to change.”


A woman just shared her story with me about why she quit her job. The boss’s wife was calling to very aggressively give her personal work to do.  Both the calls and tasks took away time that she needed to do her job.  Her boss did not know this was happening.  He treated her poorly for missing work deadlines.  Now, yes, she could have initiated the conversation and it is what I would have recommended had I spoken with her before she quit.

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