Live and Lead for Impact with Kirsten E. Ross

EP 184 Increase Creative Problem Solving

Does your team lack creative problem solving skills?

You have the power to boost your team's skills. Your team might be trained to come to you to solve issues rather than take their own specific liberties.

Be specific with what your team can solve. 

Visualize a sandbox. How much freedom is given to solve an issue. How much room do your employees have.  Define what your team's sandbox is. 

At zappos a customer service representative has complete creative freedom to solve an issue up to about 100 dollars. 

Where does your team lack freedom to solve problems?

Has your team been trained, intentionally or unintentionally to go to leaders with issues. 

What is the problem solving process in your business?
Require a few potential solutions when bringing up problems. 

Celebrate moments of independent creative problem solving. 

Missteps are an opportunity to learn.

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